Posts from October 2015

New paper from the Imagination Institute published in Nature Scientific Reports

October 30, 2015Author: Scott Barry Kaufman

Default and Executive Network Coupling Supports Creative Idea Production

Roger E. Beaty, Mathias Benedek, Scott Barry Kaufman, and Paul J. Silvia

The role of attention in creative cognition remains controversial. Neuroimaging studies have reported activation of brain regions linked to both

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Openness and Intellect Differentially Predict Creative Achievement in the Arts and Sciences

October 22, 2015Author: Scott Barry Kaufman

Scott Barry Kaufman, Lena C. Quilty, Rachael G. Grazioplene, Jacob B. Hirsh, Jeremy R. Gray, Jordan B. Peterson, and Colin G. DeYoung

The Big Five personality dimension Openness/Intellect is the trait most closely associated with creativity and creative achievement. Little is known, however,

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